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Dr. Katie Samsel believes that in order for people to live and operate in an optimal state of health, the body must be balanced physically, chemically, and emotionally. Since opening the doors to Samsel Integrative Health in Langhorne, PA in 2015, she has been dedicated to helping patients achieve that balance.

Through personalized chiropractic care, Dr. Samsel has been helping patients find relief from back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, shoulder pain, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, pain during pregnancy, and more. Additionally, she helps her chiropractic patients achieve overall health and wellness.

At Samsel Integrative Health in Langhorne, PA, patients receive a variety of treatment options, with each plan catering to the unique needs of the individual. Adjustments are a foundational element, as they help to keep the spine aligned and operating as it should. Those adjustments can come in either manual or instrumental form, depending on your needs and comfort level. Dr. Samsel also provides massage therapy, kinesiotaping, cold laser therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercise, and more.

As she believes that optimal health requires emotional and chemical balance as well, she extends additional treatments to those in need of them. One of these is nutrition testing, which helps her patients determine which supplements will help them heal and improve health.  She also utilizes a neuro-emotional technique for patients who would benefit from stress and emotional support.

Her dedication to achieving whole health and healing led Dr. Samsel to be a beloved asset in and around Langhorne, PA – even leading her to be named the "Best Chiropractor for Preggies" and other awards. If you're searching for a passionate and committed chiropractic specialist, it's time to schedule a visit with Dr. Samsel at Samsel Integrative Health.

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