Applied Kinesiology

Did you know that there is a diagnostic technique that uses muscle testing to help determine the root cause of your issues?  Dr. Katie Samsel, a licensed chiropractic physician at Samsel Integrative Health in Langhorne, PA, uses this diagnostic tool called applied kinesiology to detect what the issue is.

What Is Applied Kinesiology?
This is a type of diagnosis and treatment that takes a holistic approach to detecting a condition and managing it. It is based on the assumption that different muscles are connected to certain glands and organs, and that a particular muscle weakness could indicate another internal issue such as structural or chemical imbalances. This treatment option can diagnose emotional, muscular, structural, and chemical ailments. Patients with vertigo, digestive issues, acute or chronic pain,  headaches, and other health issues can benefit from this treatment.

What Can One Expect From a Doctor's Visit?
When you visit an applied kinesiology practitioner, you will start by going over your medical history. Next, you will have a thorough orthopedic and neurologic exam. 

Once these tests are done, you will undergo a muscle strength test. The practitioner exerts some pressure on your muscles. If it resists the pressure, it is considered strong, but if it doesn't, it is considered weak and an indication that there is a problem. There are several types of treatment associated with applied kinesiology. They include:
- Joint manipulation and realignment
- Myofascial release (like massage)
- Craniosacral release
- Acupressure

Is Your Health Condition Caused by Structural, Emotional  or Chemical Imbalances?
Certain health conditions can be caused by two or more triggers. For instance, that headache that has been bugging you may be caused by a poor diet or the car accident that happened two years ago. Applied kinesiology is all about holistic treatment by looking at your body as a whole. That means all therapeutic and treatment efforts are directed to the underlying cause of a problem. Anyone in Langhorne, PA can benefit from this. It is just a matter of getting in touch with the doctor.

If you want to eliminate the pains and aches you feel every day through applied kinesiology, get in touch with Samsel Integrative Health at (215) 944-8424. Dr. Katie Samsel will offer you the relief you need.

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